Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, April 14, 2018 – Monterey, CA

The Many Faces of Interpreting: Legal Settings

3 CIMCE credits – CIMCE# L4508

This first-of-its-kind workshop, created from the perspective of an EN<>ES interpreter and Indigenous Language interpreter trainer, will introduce participants to some of the tools needed to interpret with their ES<>IL counterparts in a legal context.

This training will include an overview of some of the most-requested indigenous languages today. An interactive discussion will follow regarding common challenges in relay interpreting. Finally, attendees will practice with a couple of interpreting scenarios to help them develop the best possible strategy to work in relay mode.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018 – Monterey, CA

The Mindful Interpreter™: An Intro to Self-Care

No CIMCE credits

Self-care is one of the cornerstones in obtaining balance for “the whole interpreter”. As language professionals, we encounter many types of stress daily (not only our own, but also that of others). Finding out about some of the skills and techniques which can help you manage a full range of stressful situations is what this workshop is about.

After discussing the effects that stress can have on the human body and mind, we will discuss some of the mindfulness techniques which can help diminish its negative effects. The remainder of the workshop will be spent exploring the possibilities of an artful mandala as a tool for concentration and relaxation.

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May 2018 – Brea, CA


Practical Technologies for Interpreters

3 CIMCE credits – Pending approval

Digital technologies and mobile devices offer interpreters a wealth of options for improving skills, preparation and performance, ranging from digital pens for hybrid simultaneous-consecutive interpreting to apps for smartphones and tablets. This session will briefly introduce a few of these technological innovations and discuss their practical implications for interpreters and their varied working environments, such as conference, court, medical and community settings.

Please bring a recording device and a set of ear buds to this session. A smartphone or digital recorder will work well for this purpose. If you have a tablet or laptop, please bring it to class as well. Some digital pens will be made available for practice.