Hands-on Practice: Improving Your Simul

This workshop will focus on Simultaneous Interpretation in non-conference settings. In order to offer enough individual instruction, class size is limited to 20 participants.

We will go over some general features of Simultaneous Interpreting and then proceed to work with interpreting exercises (in order to include feedback and suggestions for improvement).

Several aspects of Simultaneous Interpreting will be covered, such as  split attention and décalage, in addition to various techniques, such as shadowing, dual tasking and paraphrasing. Participants will be guided in their simultaneous practice via drills and scripts. Terminology will be reviewed, as necessary, and resources for additional practice will be provided.

Language:   Spanish
Level:          Intermediate/Advanced skill level
Other:          Please bring a digital recorder/smartphone and a set of earbuds to class.
Equipment:  Wireless equipment will be made available for small-group practice during class.

NOTE:   By request, this workshop can be taught in a non-language specific format.


Headphones with microphone isolated on white