An Introduction to Sim-Consec™

Sim-Consec™ (Simultaneous-Consecutive), an exciting combination of two interpreting skills + portable technology, is quickly becoming the technique of choice for today’s interpreter. How can you go about implementing this new modality in your day-to-day work? Which technologies are best suited to enhance your practice?

Several aspects of Sim-Consec™ will be covered in this workshop, such as note-taking strategies and the correct use of technology. Participants will be guided in small-group practice through various drills and exercises.

Language:  Spanish
Level:          Intermediate/Advanced skill level
Other:          Please bring a digital recorder/smartphone and a set of ear buds to class.
Equipment:  Digital pens will be made available for small-group practice during class.

NOTE:   By request, this workshop can be taught in a non-language specific format.