Showcasing our profession


Dear colleagues,

If you have an hour to spare, give this a try. Click on the link below this post to take a peek into the fascinating world of programming (for “Computer Science Education Week”). Before you press “Start”, play the video that comes up on the left side of the page.

Anyone can do an “Hour of Code”. I “wrote” my lines of code already. 😉 This gives you a new appreciation for programming… and technology in general.

By the way, a few questions come to mind for our profession as well:
How can we go about creating an Interpreter/Translator Education Week?
How can we showcase our profession in a more succinct way?
As practitioners and academics, how can we go about ushering new generations of Interpreters/Translators into a new era?

I can think of a few ideas…

Have a great week everyone!

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