Remote Training via Google+

On Saturday, June 29th, I had the honor of being the first interpreter trainer to do a full presentation entirely via Google+ for a state interpreters’ association conference (with full view of remote audience). The title of my presentation was “CSI Terminology”, a topic of great interest to the court interpreting community. It was a wonderful opportunity to present for a terrific group of colleagues in Des Moines, Iowa (I was at home in California, of course). The transmission was seamless and the quality of the video was superb. The screen sharing of all training materials also went without a hitch. All this created an ideal environment for a long-distance workshop.

I have been using Google+ for interpreter training for almost two years now. However, I am excited about creating new models for remote training via Google+ and other platforms (for small and large groups alike). I continue to be thrilled about the community-building and collaborative aspects of social networks. Please stay tuned!  😉

The photo below shows me presenting from California to my audience in Iowa (audience in thumbnail).

IITA Conference 2013

A group of enthusiastic colleagues participating remotely in my “CSI Terminology” workshop (IITA 9th Annual Conference in Des Moines; presentation via Google+).

IITA Audience 2013

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